Don't waste your time, money or ambition. Make clean energy easy.

Software that makes solar, storage and energy efficiency simple to prioritise, procure and manage.

Built for asset, facility, procurement, sustainability and finance managers.

Save time. Save money. Save the Environment. 

Easily and quickly audit properties.

Quickly and easily input billing details, existing appliances and products, and building fabric to build a picture of where you're using energy.


Create business cases on the spot.

Create detailed business cases for solar, battery storage, lighting, hot water, heating and cooling quickly and easily.

biz case

Options analysis.

Compare opportunities and business cases. Select a budget and choose what matters based on financial and environmental analyses.

analytics feature

Competitively procure solutions.

Manage a competitive procurement process transparently and expertly, with support built-in at every step on the way.

procure pic

Measure and verify.

Aggregate energy monitoring data to track progress towards your financial and environmental goals.


Our partners & clients
Victoria Government
Community Housing Ltd
City Venue Management
Housing Choices Australia
Give Where You Live Foundation
Community Housing Industry Association VIC
Community Housing Council SA
The Mill
St Kilda Community Housing
SouthEast Housing Co-operative Ltd
United Housing
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