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Learn how BOOM is making clean energy easy for people just like you, every day.

Find out more on how BOOM is supporting and helping Reece Rackley, CEO and Founder of City Venue Management execute their big ambitions around energy efficiency and emissions.
Read more to see how the BOOM! platform allowed Simon to scale up his ambitions, without scaling up his consulting costs.
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Learn more on how Tom, National Asset Manager of Australia's largest Community Housing Provider and BOOMPower’s longest-standing partners, Community Housing Limited (CHL) was a major part of the development of the BOOM platform.
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Learn how The Mill went BOOM end-to-end (twice!) - from data gathering through to business case assessments, procurement and post-installation monitoring of two x 100kW solar systems (200kW in total).
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Read more on how Asset Manager, Meg, Common Equity Housing has supported the development of the BOOM platform, including the leading-edge API with SPM Assets.
Ravi - Housing Choices
Meet Ravi - empowered to learn new skills and drive clean energy projects for thousands of properties using BOOM. "Let's do this!"
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Enabling Government Energy Retrofit Programs Managing risks and delivering transparent and measurable outcomes
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